Mr. Pitsitis Dimitris was born in Stuttgart oh Germany where he lived the early years of his life, starting his studies in chiropractic. Afterwards he went to Thailand in order to complete his vacation training. He specialized he s knowledge in healing massage, trigger points and nerve-touch teqniques by achieving the combination of the newest ways of Asian massage with the ancient traditional massage like Tok-Sen teqniques.

After all his experience he came to Greece having as a target the creation of a massage center and the establishment of a school that gives everyone the possibility to learn and luxuriate this great art of thai massage and claim a certificate acredited from the ministry of public health of Thailand.

Since 2014 he is the owner and founder of Thai Spirit Thai welcomes anyone who wants to live or learn the experience of Thai Massage.

Mr. Aram Amaradit, member of the parliament of Surin Province and president of the commission of the public health of Thailand.

Mr. Pitsitis outside of the Ministry of health oh Thailand.